• Challenge: teachers lack
    resources to utilize cultural
    institutions to educate
    Many young people never leave their
    neighborhood. Such isolation creates
    a lack of awareness and accessibility
    to Chicago cultural institutions. As a
    result these undeserved youth miss
    opportunities to experience and learn
    from the city’s diverse cultural offerings.
    response: preparing teachers to enhance
    student learning via cultural institutions
    ARTS & CULTURE | museums & CULTURAL institutions | Garfield park conservatory

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Arts & Culture  Museums & Cultural Institutions

Garfield Park Conservatory

The Garfield Park Conservatory serves approximately 30,000 students a year through self-guided on-site tours. It also reaches approximately 300 teachers through education programs to develop their capacity to further introduce their students to the cultural treasures of Chicago. Teachers attend sessions to learn how to best utilize the Conservatory for a class field trip, which includes pre- and post-visit activities. Professional development sessions are also conducted to further educate teachers on topics including how to make the classroom and curriculum greener. A weeklong education program allows teachers to learn new ways to incorporate plant-based education into their curriculum.