• Challenge: 38% of 18-24 year
    olds report previously
    having music education
    One of the main challenges of providing
    music in schools is a lack of funding for
    instructors as well as performance space
    and musical instruments. The scarcity of
    funding is a particularly daunting
    challenge for low-income students who
    often lack the means to pay for private
    music lessons or personal instruments.
    Research states that this absence can
    create problems with cognitive development,
    teambuilding skills as well as connections
    to math and science.
    response: Removing barriers to music
    education and performance

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People's Music School

People’s Music School was founded with the mission to create a world of harmony, creativity and passion by fostering the universal language of music through free instruction and performance. In 1995, the school moved into its own acoustically-sound building in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. While the majority of students reside in this area, the School serves students from 41 of Chicago’s 77 communities and 6 surrounding suburbs. They also serve 750 students through six off-site CPS programs. The School’s target audience is children of low-income, minority families; and they admit students regardless of prior musical experience. Youth receive instruction in the instrument of their choice through private and/or semi-private lessons, and are strongly encouraged to participate in group ensembles. Students are required to take music theory classes to ensure a well-rounded education.