• Challenge: Chicago lacks
    coordinated access to the
    arts and training of arts
    Although many outstanding arts education
    organizations and artists work in Chicago,
    little coordinated efforts exist between
    these entities. There is also a lack of a
    focused strategy to ensure broad and
    sustainable access to arts education for
    all children. The need for art to be a
    vital part of learning for all Chicago Public
    School students in every school exists, as
    does the need for the systemic professional
    development of teaching artists.
    response: Creating collaborative delivery of
    arts learning in Chicago Public Schools
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Arts & Culture  Sector Building

Ingenuity Incorporated

Ingenuity Incorporated is a community-wide effort to coordinate city resources to provide arts education to all Chicago Public Schools students. Ingenuity seeks to preserve, advance, and expand arts learning opportunities in Chicago. To do so, Ingenuity brings together arts and cultural organizations, Chicago Public School educators, and funders to identify challenges and solutions for providing arts education to all students. One early result is an action plan to build a stronger, more innovative, and equitable arts education system in Chicago. Ingenuity's long-term vision is for all youth to have sustainable access to sequential arts instruction for all students.