• Challenge: Nonprofit
    organizations need support to
    deepen skills of their staff
    and further their work
    response: training women to be
    effective and skilled civic leaders
    CIVIC AFFAIRS | CIVIC LEADERSHIP | chicago foundation for women
  • Challenge: INDIVIDUALS lack
    opportunities to listen to
    diverse opinions and
    response: Creating environments for self
    expression and learning from others
    CIVIC AFFAIRS | CIVIC DISCOURSE | neighborhood writing alliance

Upcoming Deadlines

Fall 2014

Letter of Intent
Submission Deadline
Monday, June 2

Invitation Deadline
Wednesday, June 18

Submission Deadline
Wednesday July 9

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Civic Affairs

We invest in Chicago-based organizations and programs that promote a well informed and engaged community

We believe in developing capacity to constructively respond to community issues and giving voice to populations not typically heard. With a decline of news media, public decision-making and membership in civic organizations, the health of civil society continues to struggle. Our portfolio supports organizations that encourage citizens to build leadership skills to better serve their communities and promote dialogue between diverse members of Chicago.

Civic Affairs portfolios include: