• Challenge: Nonprofit
    organizations need support to
    deepen skills of their staff
    and further their work
    Non-profit organizations need support to
    refine their skills to effectively support
    the sector by developing leadership,
    fundraising, management and board
    development. These organizations do
    not have time and resources to develop
    these vital skills in their staff or volunteers
    while meeting pressing daily needs of
    the vulnerable populations they serve.
    Yet without those abilities, these crucial
    community organizations run the risk
    of shutting their doors.
    response: training women to be
    effective and skilled civic leaders
    CIVIC AFFAIRS | CIVIC LEADERSHIP | chicago foundation for women

Upcoming Deadlines

Fall 2014

Letter of Intent
Submission Deadline
Monday, June 2

Invitation Deadline
Wednesday, June 18

Submission Deadline
Wednesday July 9

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Civic Affairs |  Youth Engagement and Service Learning

Chicago Foundation for Women

The Chicago Foundation for Women (CFW) runs a board member development program to recruit and train women to serve on governing boards of non-profit organizations. This project is designed to provide an entry point for diverse women to access non-profit boardrooms. The trainings will teach board roles and responsibilities, fundraising, public speaking, budgeting and financial oversight and understanding financial statements. The training curriculum was developed with input from grantees, foundation allies and community leaders. CFW will connect program graduates with grantees and community organizations who are seeking candidates for their boards. CFW will track program graduates to monitor their progress, provide ongoing support, evaluate their impact and improve its program design.