• Challenge: Students and
    families need support to
    navigate the education
    In addition to teachers and principals who
    can help students on their educational path,
    parents and caregivers need holistic supports
    to support their children. Parents and
    students should be empowered with tools
    to understand opportunities and take
    advantage of them.
    response: empowering students and
    communities to achieve in school and life

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Education  Holistic Supports


OneGoal, formerly Urban Students Empowered, aims to make college graduation possible for students across Chicago. The three-year program spans junior and senior years of high school and freshman year of college. It guides students to increase their academic achievement while building critical non-cognitive skills – including ambition, integrity, professionalism, resilience and resourcefulness. The non-cognitive skills training was designed to correlate with students’ ability to increase their academic performance and persist in the face of challenges, including those that often present major obstacles to college graduation for students from low-income communities. OneGoal recruits, selects, trains and supports the highest-performing educators already working in high-need high schools and equips them with the tools and resources they need to lead underperforming students to and through college. To date, 94% of OneGoal Fellows have enrolled in college and 85% of their alumni are persisting in college, on track to graduate.