• Challenge: Many people
    diagnosed with disease or
    face disability or trauma do not
    receive essential support
    response: Providing comprehensive services
    for children who are abused
    HEALTH | SUPPORTIVE SERVICES | chicago children’s advocacy center
  • Challenge: Those living in
    poverty lack access to basic
    healthcare services and
    preventative care
    response: providing free and low-cost healthcare
    for students and communities
    HEALTH | ACCESS TO QUALITY HEALTHCARE | erie family health center
  • Challenge: Millions of
    preventable health
    crises occur among people in
    developing countries
    response: training indigenous caregivers
    to create sustainable health
    HEALTH | GLOBAL HEALTH | international rescue committee
  • Challenge: More than 100,000
    cases of preventable diseases
    are annually reported in
    response: making healthy food options
    accessible to prevent illness
    HEALTH | PREVENTION | resource center

Upcoming Deadlines

Fall 2014

Letter of Intent
Submission Deadline
Monday, June 2

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Wednesday, June 18

Submission Deadline
Wednesday July 9

*Global Health grants
are invitation only.

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We fund programs that increase access to quality comprehensive healthcare and support services as well as improve the health of the poor in developing countries

We believe all individuals and families have the right to quality medical care. All people deserve attention to physical, mental and emotional needs in order to live healthy lives. Our portfolio invests in access to quality care, preventative health programs, and support systems for local and international communities of high need.

Health portfolios include: