• Challenge: Many people
    diagnosed with disease or
    face disability or trauma do not
    receive essential support
    People diagnosed with chronic disease
    require more than medical care. Notably,
    mental health services are frequently cut.
    People need social and emotional support
    to help them navigate their lives and the
    lives of their family and friends. Too often,
    this critical piece of treatment and recovery
    is overlooked in our medically-focused health
    care system.
    response: Providing comprehensive services
    for children who are abused
    HEALTH | COMPREHENSIVE SUPPORT SERVICES | chicago children’s advocacy center

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Health  Supportive Services

Chicago Children's Advocacy Center

The Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center (CCAC) connects public, private and community partners to ensure the safety, health and well-being of abused children. The CCAC is a public-private partnership between a non-profit agency and the public agencies that respond to reports of child abuse and assault in Chicago – the Chicago Police Department, Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, Cook County State's Attorney's Office, and Cook County Health and Hospitals System. More than 130 staff members from all five agencies work collaboratively at a child-friendly building to investigate child abuse and assault reports and protect suspected victims. This collaboration streamlines the process for children so they and their families are able to get care and support faster than the process before CCAC. Since opening in 2001, CCAC has served more than 20,000 children.