• Challenge: More than 100,000
    cases of preventable diseases
    are annually reported in
    Poor diet and physical inactivity are leading
    contributors to obesity, resulting in chronic
    illnesses and even death. When schools
    eliminate health and physical education,
    young people do not have the information
    they need to make healthy decisions. The
    lack of local healthy food options in urban
    environments also leads to poor health.
    response: making healthy food options
    accessible to prevent illness
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Health  Prevention

Resource Center

Founded in 1975, the Resource Center aims to improve the quality of life for urban dwellers through gardening and other programs that support sustainable neighborhood development. The Resource Center’s City Farm is their flagship Urban Agriculture effort to create an economically viable model of transforming vacant city land into food-producing green space. In addition to benefiting neighborhood residents, the City Farm increases access to local healthy food throughout the community by selling high-quality local produce to Chicago restaurants. City residents get health benefits from the local produce, as healthier eating can decrease the risk and impact of preventable diseases like diabetes and hypertension. In 2010, City Farm produced 20,000 pounds of food.