• Challenge: Financial
    self-sufficiency is
    difficult to achieve in the
    face of poverty
    Families and individuals living in poverty, 
    or the working poor, face many barriers
    to being able to secure and maintain 
    employment and take steps toward
    economic security. Without budgeting, job
    skills, credit counseling or job placement
    assistance, these individuals and families
    risk remaining in difficult situations with 
    little hope of attaining one of life's most
    basic needs - financial empowerment.
    response: providing programs to help
    families achieve financial stability
    HUMAN SERVICES | ECONOMIC RESILIENCY | centers for working families

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Human Services  |  Economic Resiliency

Local Initiatives Support Corporation

Centers for Working Families (CWF) are neighborhood-based centers that provide services to help clients achieve financial stability through financial planning, employment and income support programs. The CWFs are operated by community-based organizations with the help of Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Chicago. LISC Chicago and partner organizations have been building the CWF network for nearly ten years and have 12 sites with one slated to open in 2013. LISC began the CWF network in order to develop key neighborhood portals for residents to access employment and training opportunities and build financial wealth. Each CWF site has developed a team of experts that specialize in workforce development, financial counseling and benefits assistance. Any neighborhood resident can enter a CWF site and have a personal team of specialists to help him or her develop and implement a career plan and a financial plan.