• Challenge: Diminishing
    resources are causing top
    academics to leave Israel
    Universities in Israel, which are. largely
    dependent on government support, have
    seen dramatic cuts in funding in recent
    years. In this economic environment,
    Israel is threatened with the loss of its
    most promising scholars and researchers,
    who may be lured to more affluent
    institutions in the United States and Europe.
    response: Supporting research and providing
    funding for promising graduate students
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Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Education in Israel plays a major role in life and culture of the country. Hebrew University of Jerusalem, one of Israel’s largest academic centers, enrolls more than 24,000 graduate and undergraduate students. The University includes schools of business, dentistry, education, engineering and computer science, library science, medicine, nursing, public health, social work, and veterinary medicine. Fellowships and support for scholars returning from abroad helps retain talented scholars.